Debts recovery via court

In cases where all the options of voluntary enforcement have been used, and the debt cannot be recovered voluntarily, and it is necessary to start the legal procedures, we can provide you full legal service via attorneyship. Cooperation with attorneyship significantly increases the enforcement and also increases the chance of successful debt recovery.

Within the process of debt recovery using necessary legal instruments, we can provide the following services.

  • Representation with civil law causes
  • Representation in commercial law causes
  • Representation in criminal law causes
  • Submission for an order for payment
  • Submission for precautionary measure for the debitor’s property
  • Complex services within the enforcement process
  • Consultancies with executor for the most efficient process
  • Investigation of financial circumstances of the debtor
  • Submission to start the enforcement process
  • Presence within the inventory of the movable property
  • Lodge a complaint
  • Consultation with state administration units (police, NAKA, department of economy criminality, public prosecution, court, tax office, etc.)


We are remunerated on the basis of successful debt recoveries.
The rate of remuneration depends only on fair value of recovery debts
according to predefined percentage rate.
We cooperate also according to individual and agreements.


In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to use our free of charge consultation via our phone number or write us via our contact form.

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