Personal driver, courier – BODYGUARD

Being safe at transfer during business trips and also a safe transport of consignments is nowadays something that can help you to come back to your family in the evening. It saves your time, which you can use for you business or use with your family.

A bodyguard is a security guard with a wide range of roles, such as several skills of using different weapons, weapon systems, first aid, communication and interim security measures. The basis of their job is to prevent threats that endanger people by interim security measures. Bodyguard is a professional, that you need by your side when something goes wrong. Bodyguard has to be very careful and attentive so he can notice the surrounding for 100% and recognize deviations, that can be indicators of a comming attack or a crisis situations on the road. For a bodyguard it’s neccessary to attend a security training for the best knowledge of current legislation of security area, infringement, offence, criminal law. He most know his rights and obligations to regulatory bodies. Everything has to be done within valid authorisation of natural person and also as an obligation in general of every citizen. Bodyguard is a personal driver with authorisation to take particular actions just like any natural person ( distress § 24 Criminal code, necessity defence §25 Criminal code, lawful weapon use §26 Criminal code, first aid), only professionally and with education that demonstrates professionality.


Bodyguard’s skills are divided into more groups or ways for example : hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills include skills such as shooting, self defence, tactical car driving.

Soft skills include skills such as communication, empathy, diplomatic etiquette, social conscience.

Skills such as first aid, professional car driving in crisis situations, basis of ethics are granted. In this sector, individual approach of every individual is very important.

Personal driver and courier: Professional driver, who manage the car’s condition, choice of the route, safety during a VIP client transfer or transport of consignments. He has knowledge about tactical car driving, logistics, first aid, communication and tactful behaviour. Discretion is granted. Road without problems and the client’s comfort during transport is quaranteed.

Client’s transport

Transpor and accompanying of the client to meetings and social events

Posúdenie každodenných návykov klienta z pohľadu bezpečnostného rizika

Assessment of client’s everyday habits according to safety risk

Ensuring of the transport

Consultations about security concerning legal and natural persons

We can provide and arrange the services you need according to requirements of client